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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We all have our own stories. All of them filled with the same emotions; love, grief, anger, denial, bargaining and finally acceptance. All of courage and fierceness that we may not have known was within us.

My Story

I've always had fibroids and scar tissue. Both have caused me pain and after many attempts at the natural way to resolve my situation, homoeopathy, massage, prescription drugs, I decided it was time for a hysterectomy when cervical cancer was discussed. I'd avoided it for so many uncomfortable years and now I had only one healthy choice to make. I had the latest whizz-bang laparoscopic surgeon at Auckland Hospital who treated me with dignity and honesty.

I didn't expect this

I thought I'd done all of my grieving before the operation. Negotiating, sadness, denial; but when I got home to heal from my surgery, years of tears flowed and I felt a sensation (that after being a parent, I hadn't had for a long time) of Incredible power. A real sense of - I can do whatever the f*%k I want. It came hand in hand with a deep vulnerability that I had not been comfortable in before.

Decide your path to healing

My husband has been baffled, encouraging, strong when I needed him to be and loving, even when he was confused by who I was unravelling to be. Unencumbered by pain and with a clearer head, he's been challenged and held fast. My depth of gratitude spilled over with an incredible life partner and beautiful friends who witnessed my grief and sat in it with me when wanted.

You can float when you can't swim

Surrender is the word I would choose to describe now. I've surrendered to the needs of my body, my hormones, my ego. In a state where there is no room for anything but honesty. Life has always been wonderful and scary, but now, it's about swimming a little further every day into my desires and rather than trying to figure out who I am, releasing what I am not has been easier. On the days when I can't swim, I float and allow it to pass.

Every Batch Tested!

For two years I worked on the right balance to help my peri-menopausal symptoms and found the most incredible thing. Lots of my friends, except the ones who are a little shy, have tried every batch I've made. Incredibly, and not surprisingly, this recipe worked for all ages. I gave bottles to my adult kids, friends and neighbours with great feedback. Of course, we used the lubricant too. Now that I am in surgical menopause, I've not had to worry at all. Once I had healed and felt at ease with my body, sex became more fun and more exciting. It's early days, yet all I feel is incredible empowerment - too good not to share.

Honour Your Story

There is no one in the world like you, and never will be, EVER. No matter what part of your journey you are on, I encourage you to honour your story, your journey, your joy and your sorrow. So many women have shared their story with me and have found incredible relief and joy with HihiHerbal.

May your heart be full and your blessings be many.


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