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Hihi Herbal Lubricant has been developed over the last 2 years, using only the best ingredients New Zealand has to offer for women at all stages of life. 


Many women require a more intimate & healing alternative than the lubricants that are on the market. Our water-based lubricant, with its natural formulae, ensures a more pleasurable experience.  Hihi Herbal has been specially created to meet your desire for a deeper level of healing, silkier sex and a pH that is perfect for your body. 


Initially created for women who are recovering from cancer, Hihi Herbal Lubricant's soothing and healing ingredients makes it perfect for every woman. 

Our passion for health and wellness on all levels is our driving force.  We have created Hihi Herbal Lubricant to give all women the confidence and relief of great sex, deeper physical connection and fun!  

Julie x


Proudly made in organic New Zealand

Herbal  Pure 

Vegan friendly 

Made for women, by women, Hihi is a seductively healing lubricant gel that smells and tastes great adding to a fun lovemaking experience that will leave you deeply satisfied. 


Hihi is made with organic, ethical ingredients for a hydrating and slippery lubricant gel that aids in healing, enhances your sexual pleasure, smoother penetration, stimulation, and gratifying sex.

10ml & 30ml of thick, slippery gel that lasts. 

Hihi Personal Lubricant 10ml

Hihi Personal Lubricant 10ml

Hihi Personal Lubricant 30ml

Hihi Personal Lubricant 30ml

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"a delicious product. Only ever using Hihi Personal Lubricant from now on!"

- E.H.


Proudly Made in Organic New Zealand

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